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my video editing experiments

Study & Work Music Playlists

Neithan and I “opened” the Jen & Neithan’s Study and Work Cafe YouTube channel on April 14, 2024.

Study with Me videos and Study Music Playlists have been essential tools in Neithan’s and my study & work arsenal, helping us overcome the toughest parts of getting work done.

We decided to make our own playlists that we can personally use and share with our small community of lifelong learners.

We upload new videos every Sunday on YouTube @jn.studyworkcafe .
Subscribe if you’re looking for some new backdrop music for your next study or work session.

Join us also on Discord at ‘Jen & Neithan’s Study & Work Cafe.’ We frequently gather in one of the virtual rooms to work together. Come join us if you’re looking for some live company while you study or work!


I’ve also been creating reels about life and how to navigate it better for the Jen & Neithan’s Study & Work Cafe Facebook page.

These serve mostly as reminders to ourselves, but we share them in case someone else might need the same encouragement.

Lyric Videos

Creating a lyric video for Neithan‘s song “Jen’s Lullaby” was my first bold attempt at editing a video longer than 30 seconds.

I attribute my desire to create lyric videos to the beautiful ones by Bruno Major.

I hope I can make one as beautiful and complex (I do think it’s complex!) as his video for “Tapestry” and “Nothing” (love this song!) in the future.

I share these lyric videos in my personal YouTube channel @t4nj3nt.