jen agapito casano

To be so high and not high at all.

There’s nothing up there. 

I’m going back down…

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thinking and doing; learning, unlearning, and re-learning

huling sayaw; unang tikim

huling sayaw; unang tikim

I used to love playing “teacher” when I was young. I had a small chalkboard mounted on the wall of our house’s dirty kitchen.90s kids would remember those dark green…

Just Start…

Just Start…

Lately, I’ve been diving into video editing. I’ve been practicing by creating reels for theJen & Neithan’s Study & Work Cafe FB page,producing lyric videos for Neithan’s original songs,and developing…

Reviewing Programming Languages

Reviewing Programming Languages

A review of the basics of a computer and programming languages… A Computer and Its Instructions 🖥️ A computer operates based on a series of instructions — the source code…


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the support behind Pixelzero's carry

Neithan and I are currently building our life project —
Pixel Zero Digital Solutions.

Building websites has always been something we enjoy doing. Pixel Zero is a creative space for us to nurture and develop this craft, creating virtual spaces for ourselves and others.

wife to neithan

I am dedicating what’s remaining of my life to building a peaceful life with Neithan, my truest ally.

We share our experiences of a married life and the principles that guide us