Just Start…

Lately, I’ve been diving into video editing.

I’ve been practicing by creating reels for the
Jen & Neithan’s Study & Work Cafe FB page,
producing lyric videos for Neithan’s original songs,
and developing study and work music playlists
for the Jen & Neithan’s Study & Work Cafe’s YouTube channel.

I always thought video editing was a complex skill to master.
The software can seem quite intimidating,
with its multitude of controls, tools, and timeline elements.
However, like with most skills,
taking the dive and simply starting is often the best first step.

Since February, I have managed to create
22 reels,
2 lyric videos, and
3 study and work playlists! 😮
Even I am surprised at how much I was able to create.

My biggest takeaway so far is to not overdo the animations and transitions.
It can be very tempting, as can be observed from the earlier reels I’ve created.
I’d like to believe I’ve managed to strike a better balance recently. 😀
The best videos are those with subtle animations that are barely noticeable.

From feeling intimidated by the user interface
to truly enjoying the creative process,
I am excited to keep learning and improving.

I will be sharing updates on my experiments and progress in this playground. 🙂

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